• Hiroshi Garza blanca resort cancun

Hiroshi Contemporary Japanese Dining

Fusing Japanese ingredients with Mexican flavors, Hiroshi has all the necessary elements to create the perfect culinary experience. Vegetarian and vegan menu options are available.
award of excellence 2021 Garza Blanca Cancun

Sensational Menu

Japanese elements and Mexican spices create a fusion of fantastic flavors that leave a tingling sensation on your tongue. The menu showcases sweet and sour flavors that contrast nicely with a touch of spice and a mix of textures that melt away in your mouth, all perfectly plated with chef artistry. Hiroshi also features a sushi bar and robata. Expect an eclectic mix of sushi rolls, premium sashimi-grade fish, O-Toro, steak, and vegetable dishes.  

Magical and Immortal

Hiroshi at Garza Blanca Cancun is elegant and modern with a color scheme that is ivory, black, gray, and sapphire blue and a mix of galaxy granite, white wood marble, bamboo, and stainless steel textures. A cluster of floating pendants made from hand blown glass float down from the ceiling, illuminating the space. A mural of Mount Fuji, the highest Japanese mountain, proudly perches above the sushi bar, which is lit up by an outstanding light fixture with interconnected branches of geometric shapes. The mural’s intention is to remind diners to make their dreams take form and that there is no limit on how high we can climb.
Hiroshi restaurant is a place where you can enjoy memorable moments with an expansive outdoor terrace and a robata bar where you can watch the chef prepare exquisite creations. 

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