Bocados Steak House

A Fancy Steak House in Cancun

A tasty twist on the classic steak house with succulent dry-aged meats as well as plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

award of excellence 2022 Garza Blanca Cancun


Bocados Steak House produces its own dry-aged meat at the resort with High Choice quality beef imported from the USA resulting in tender steaks with intense flavor. Choose from Porterhouse, Bone-In Rib Eye, Cowboy, New York or Rib Eye

All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Bocados Steak House also offers a great selection of seafood, fresh catch of the day, signature salads, pasta dishes, and seasonal vegetables. All dishes are expertly prepared and burst with flavor. 

Fire and Smoke

Bocados provides a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere with a volcano theme to fit in with its fire and smoke concept. The restaurant is a portion of lava on your table with impressive pillars that represent lava fountains. The décor is a mix of onyx, granite, wood, and marble textures and a black and white color scheme with gold accents, including clusters of metallized gold suspension ceiling lights, creates an atmosphere that is classically inviting and warm. Bocados Steak House features a large show kitchen where you can watch our expert chefs at work and there is also a cozy terrace with vertical landscaping where you can enjoy al fresco dining and beautiful views of the pools and surrounding greenery. 


Access to this restaurant is exclusively for our guests.

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